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Magnet Comic!

With a history of a promising Kickstarter project that suffered from a troubled production, communication breakdown, and shipping delays, Magnet Comic is finally in my hands.

Magnet Comic, a product conceived and hand-made from Erik Heumiller in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA, is a product that lets you create your own comics. I backed this project for the reason that it may help students come up with creative scenarios for their story-writing. The challenge is for them to conjure up an interesting idea, and then express it between just three separate panes. It also can be used for a bit of fun.

Well, this project was successfully backed way back in December 2012 and I’ve been waiting to receive it since that date, and let me tell you, there isn’t a better way to describe my feelings towards it, than in comic strip form:

Magnetic Comics

It’s a pretty cool product, and well made, too. Highly recommended for your students, or for selfish ambitions.



…by the way, it’s probably very easy to make one yourself. Go then, and get inspired!


New Years Eve Sydney!

What better way to showcase the famous fireworks from the Sydney Harbour Bridge than in animated GIF format!


“Happy New Year!”DSC00819-MOTION


These were actual shots taken by me, from Mary Booth Lookout, Kirribilli. Mary who? Even Sydneysiders don’t know who she was, or where this park is, until you locate it on a map. Educate yourselves: http://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/booth-mary-5291

The Last Day


Have you ever inadvertently pressed the record button on your camera or smartphone? Follow one’s journey through the compilation of both spontaneous and intentional recordings as he seeks for the most satisfying ‘last day’.

Edit by yours truly. All footage shot with Sony NEX-5N and Google Nexus 5 from October 2013 to January 2014.

Locations: Sydney (October 2013 Naval Fleet Spectacular; Christmas), Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan (2014).

Music by Moby, from the album “Innocents”, released 2013. All the copyright goes to him. Buy “Innocents” from stores or digital channels.

Prac teaching paperwork

Although I am nearly finished with my practical teaching, I thought I’d upload the lesson plan and day book templates I’ve been using for the past few weeks. Feel free to use and modify them for your own needs and purposes; I’m sure they will come in handy while you are planning your exciting lesson for either yourself or another teacher to take up.



iPads – general questions

This is a followup post to my post on the iPad. Both Q&As have been derived from my personal experience with the iPad and an interest of technology in general, with implications for teachers.

General iPad questions
Should I invest in an iPad? That is something 21st century teachers ask.

There are many other tablet computers out there so why recommend the iPad?
There are many answers to this question so lets list the advantages of the iPad over competitors:

It’s simple
Apple is notorious for making their devices somewhat limited and simple, but that is the key to their success. The iPad only has one main button which is the home button and it means that every iPad functions identically and anyone knowing how to use theirs would know how to use (and possibly fix) yours as well.

The ecosystem is huge
As a result of the runaway success Apple has made with their iPad, there are literally thousands of accessories such as covers, audio and video docks, connectivity options with cars, homes and services. Of course the applications are the stars of the iPad and thus Apple’s own AppStore is particularly huge – just check out all the number of apps (and at good quality at that) that are especially formatted to fit and work with the iPad. Which leads us to the next point.

The software advantage
The iPad operates on iOS whereas those other tablets run either a tablet edition of Windows, or Android. Software developers (i.e. people who make apps) seem to prefer making software for the iPad because it’s easier. If there are more dedicated developers to iOS then there’s more apps produced for iPad. And same goes with finding education apps that are specific to the Australian schooling curriculum.

If you have an iPad with ‘retina’ display, most developers would be scrambling to make sure their apps are most up-to-date ensuring that extra attention to detail and visual finesse lacking in other tablet solutions.

Is iTunes a prerequisite for my iPad?
No, you can set up your iPad on the go and never need to plug it into your computer for file downloads, especially if you have the right tools and knowhow. However, iTunes is actually the easiest way to move your existing files and videos to and fro the iPad (including non-Apple apps), as well as managing your home folder, etc.

Multiple device connectivity (syncing)
Being organised is a fundamental attribute all teachers should possess. If your wondering how to share information across the devices you have, read on.

I have an iPhone. Can I port and sync my email, notes and photos onto the iPad?
Yes, if you use the same Apple ID and have signed up to iCloud. Bonus points if you have Mac and Mountain Lion installed because notes sync across the computer as well.

But I have an Android phone. Can this still be done?
Yes, and I’ve personally done it. Although your iPad has an option to tie your Google/Gmail account across, any updates made to the address book (contacts) or calendar on either your Android phone or iPad will not be reflected upon each corresponding device. I don’t know why there is this limitation but I bet it has many users scratching your head.

Here’s the trick: You have to add an ‘Exchange’ account on your iPad then add your Google account credentials. Do some research regarding this, then test to see if it works. Also, make sure your phone contacts are saved under your Google account (it will be the form of your email address), and not simply ‘phone’, as unintuitive as that sounds.

What if I have a PC?
Yes, although some iCloud features are unsupported.

Because I have an iPad, I should get an iPhone, right?
It depends. I personally have an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S2) and I’ve had success making sure my calendars and stuff carry across both devices automatically. Your milage might differ. One thing to note is that all purchased apps on the iPhone can be installed onto the iPad, and vice versa (if that app is not made for iPad only), whereas you’d have to purchase the same software again on the Android,

What’s all this I hear about ‘jailbroken’ iPads and is it safe?
I have not tried it, but there’s heaps of information on the Internet regarding the processes involved. If in doubt, don’t do it.

Did you post that last post on the iPad?
Yes, I did, and this post as well.

Feel free to post any more questions in the comments section and I may slowly answer them in this post.