Photos! Photos! Photos!

This is what Govett’s Leap looks when a snow cloud is within the entire mountains.

I’ve added SNOW and DESERT photo sets to this blog.

You can access this section from the new sub-menu above; clicking on the image above will bring you to wintery snow goodness.

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Harbour Bridge Sequel

Harbour Bridge taken with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Now this is a worthy photo shot by a mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 9).

Disclaimer: I am not endorsed by anyone or any brand, nor do I get any sort of compensation to mention them in my posts. I just share with you the tools I have at the ready to shoot these photos.



opera 2harbour bridge filter

Incredible what you can do with your little computer in your pocket.




nearly full moon

The evening after the Super-Blue-Blood-moon (it was cloudy where I was that night!)

Taken with Nikon D5500 with 70-300mm F6.3 / ISO 100 / exp 1/320s

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Magnet Comic!

With a history of a promising Kickstarter project that suffered from a troubled production, communication breakdown, and shipping delays, Magnet Comic is finally in my hands.

Magnet Comic, a product conceived and hand-made from Erik Heumiller in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA, is a product that lets you create your own comics. I backed this project for the reason that it may help students come up with creative scenarios for their story-writing. The challenge is for them to conjure up an interesting idea, and then express it between just three separate panes. It also can be used for a bit of fun.

Well, this project was successfully backed way back in December 2012 and I’ve been waiting to receive it since that date, and let me tell you, there isn’t a better way to describe my feelings towards it, than in comic strip form:

Magnetic Comics

It’s a pretty cool product, and well made, too. Highly recommended for your students, or for selfish ambitions.

…by the way, it’s probably very easy to make one yourself. Go then, and get inspired!


New Years Eve Sydney!

What better way to showcase the famous fireworks from the Sydney Harbour Bridge than in animated GIF format!


“Happy New Year!”DSC00819-MOTION


These were actual shots taken by me, from Mary Booth Lookout, Kirribilli. Mary who? Even Sydneysiders don’t know who she was, or where this park is, until you locate it on a map. Educate yourselves:

photography travel

The Last Day

Have you ever inadvertently pressed the record button on your camera or smartphone? Follow one’s journey through the compilation of both spontaneous and intentional recordings as he seeks for the most satisfying ‘last day’.

Edit by yours truly. All footage shot with Sony NEX-5N and Google Nexus 5 from October 2013 to January 2014.

Locations: Sydney (October 2013 Naval Fleet Spectacular; Christmas), Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan (2014).

Music by Moby, from the album “Innocents”, released 2013. All the copyright goes to him. Buy “Innocents” from stores or digital channels.


Prac teaching paperwork

Although I am nearly finished with my practical teaching, I thought I’d upload the lesson plan and day book templates I’ve been using for the past few weeks. Feel free to use and modify them for your own needs and purposes; I’m sure they will come in handy while you are planning your exciting lesson for either yourself or another teacher to take up.



Apple education

Apple in Education 

That is all.


Literacy in Auburn Botanical Gardens

Spot the people who failed literacy.

It’s no wonder that kids are defiant in classrooms when their adult role-models are doing stuff like this. Teach kids morals.